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Monday, August 1, 2011

Stankin' Lankin' vol. 4

This one is late because life intervened, so I will include stuff from this week too. The internet has too much stuff, this is what stopped me from writing last week.:

It's Ramadan so that means that it is time to read my story, A Ramadan Tale.

Specter Literary Magazine came out with its zero issue. More on that later. Read it now.

Are we in a golden age of fiction?
Maybe. Maybe not, but there is a really broad range of fiction available now. There is a very vibrant literary underground. If only the average person had entry to that.

Nano Fiction must convince the IRS that it is not porn.
Another example of the government acting silly and screwing average people.

The Bookstore is not dead. It just has to do some creative things to compete. Politics & Prose in DC is offering limited membership exchanges to Borders Rewards members. Also, cut all the silly trinkets and toys and focus on selling books.

Some comments on God's blog about his creation.

If you're in New York, check out the Museum of the Moving Image's Jim Henson Exhibit. Long live creativity and imagination. Damn, I just got some ideas for my children's stories.

Obama's weak. There I said it. He caves often and at the slightest pressure. This is what we wish he had said. At this rate, it won't matter that he caught bin Laden, got rid of don't ask, don't tell, reduced the number of nuclear weapons in the world and passed universal health care (sort of).

Dwayne Betts is blogging for the month of August of Poets & Writers.

Amazing story in the New York Times about a Japanese pitcher who had a dream of making it in American baseball. He got paid millions only to be bumped down to the minor leagues, but he has a dream so he continues. Just inspiring. This is the story of everybody whose dreams work out in a shitty way, but keep going with dignity. It happens this way for most of us.

Uhhhhh, ok.

PANK was the Journal of the Week over at Fiction Writers Review Last Week and one of my blog posts was offered an an example of "fun and readable" content.

Short profile of the Kenyan journal Kwani? I met some of the people involved with this over in Ghana.

Over half of the stories chosen for Best American Short Stories comes from 12 Journals.

This guy says Pottermore will transform storytelling. I say, yeah right.

A genre writer accepts that he is a thriller writer.
It's always a good thing when a writer finds his vision and voice where ever he or she may find it and it is always important to look in unexpected places. I am enjoying writing flash fiction after enjoying the long story. Not to say that flash fiction is my vision or that I'll never write long stories again, but I never imagined I'd be taking such pleasure in very, very short stories.

Need. This. Now.

Novelists strike and the nation fails to notice.

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