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Monday, July 23, 2012

Could it be I stayed away too long?

So I sat down to write this novel, Wolf Tickets--that's where I been, writing this book or as I like to call it selling wolf tickets. At first, it began as a writing exercise. Short bursts of narrative I could draft while my son slept or something. I actually wrote the first one (I think) in the hospital on the day of his birth. I started off very disconnected from it and then it began taking its own shape and I followed where I thought it was going and in the process something really exciting emerged. One day maybe you'll read it and possibly share my excitement?
It's about a wolf hunt that gets way out of control.

Up there at the top of this blog, there is a new link titled "Wolf Stories." It features all of my wolf stories that are out in lit journals all together in one place. (Peace to the editors who believed enough in the stories to accept them). Would mean a lot to me if you read them. I'll update the page as more stories become accepted and as more stories go online. 

This is what's on the page above: 

I wrote a book. It’s called Wolf Tickets: A Novel. I’m really proud of it. I hope you get to read it in full some day. Meanwhile, you can read parts of it at the links below. Thanks to the editors who have accepted these works.

—Rion Amilcar Scott

“Wolf Stories We Told That May Not be True” (Specter Magazine)
“Lil’ Red” (Uptown Mosaic)
“Wolfkin/Wolfkind (Gun Court)” (Chimurenga: PowerMoneySex Reader)

Coming Soon!

“Bitches” (PANK)
“Snitches” (Bluestem Magazine)
“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” (Emprise Review)
“Teen Wolf Too” (Used Furniture Review)
“Women Who Run With Wolves” (Fractured West)
“Cochise vs. 32 Large” (Linden Avenue)

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