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Monday, July 23, 2012

The jury voted 11 to 2 to toss The Veterinarian into the river, hands and feet bound but gag removed so it could be recorded if she admitted her crimes before drowning.

As a further humiliation, the judge ordered she be stripped before her execution and, so she didn’t come bubbling to the surface, a knapsack full of rocks was to be affixed to her back.

Your honour, The Veterinarian’s attorney called. We have no quarrels with the death sentence. We understand that you could have chosen a harsher method of execution. That waterway—she pointed to the river—is our lifeforce and birthright as Riverbabies. However, I respectfully request that you allow my client to die clothed and with dignity for the sake—

Counsel, he replied. Don’t test my patience. You’re lucky I didn’t order her stoned to death. Remember, there are no appeals. No take backs. And all decisions are final as you and your organization have agreed upon. Bailiff, please strip the defendant.

—From my story, “Wolfkin/Wolfkind (Gun Court)” over at Chimurenga: PowerMoneySex Reader read the rest here.

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