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What? What in the Hell is a Datsun Flambe?

Not quite a Datsun, but the picture is Flambe hot.

Ever read that Ralph Ellison's short story, "Cadillac Flambe?" Yeah, I named my blog after that.

Datsun Flambe is an occasional (very, very occasional) chronicle of my writing grind. Journey with me as I write these novels, short stories, humor pieces and whatever else I'm writing. Whatever part of the struggle that is fascinating and perplexing me is what I'm posting about.

Blog is updated whenever I get around to it updating it. What? I'm just being real.

As always, I maintain a list of published stories and the like on the right-hand side of this site. Consider browsing them. They get lonely. Show them love.

Want pictures and videos and other stuff like that? Check out my Tumblr: Forgotten Tunnel TV and consider following.

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