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Who? Who in the Hell is Rion Amilcar Scott?

Fun fact: Rion Amilcar Scott is actually a super-intelligent baby. That's him above. This explains the nature of his rather bizarre writings, which were completed, mostly, in utero.

I write fiction (short stories and working on novels and other longer stuff) and humor pieces. I write some non-fiction type stuff, but nothing gives me the thrill that fiction does. I have links to my published work under the "Now Playing" tab on the side. Invisible Man is my favorite novel. I liked Huckleberry Finn a lot too. I guess Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas influences what I do. Also Winesburg, Ohio and Dubliners, I guess. I could probably sit here all night typing the titles of books that moved me in some way. I'm not going to do that.   

I started in this writing thing through poetry. It was never very good. I love poetry, but you won't catch me writing any these days. If you happen to Google me: Yes, I did write that shitty poem and no I DID NOT write a fantasy novel called, Brigantia of the Iceni. I go my entire life encountering no one else named "Rion." Leave it to the internet to find someone else named Rion Scott. And leave it to the internet to make him a writer. No offense to my man, Rion Scott, I'm just not him.

Here is the bio you'll find in lit mags

Rion Amilcar Scott has contributed to PANK, Fiction International and Confrontation, among others. Raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, he earned an MFA at George Mason University and presently teaches English at Bowie State University.

Here is the bio that is posted on this site (bonus points if you know which movie I'm paraphrasing and which character said it.): 

I am no one. Just a simple fiction writer trying to make his way in the galaxy.

This is the bio that goes along with my PANK column

Rion Amilcar Scott writes fiction all over the damn place, tweets @reeamilcarscott and blogs at datsun flambe

And here, I'll archive my bios from Twitter, which are everchanging (again, bonus points if you know what song, movie, etc. the bio alludes to...if it alludes to anything at all):

Semi-famous people ignore me on Twitter.

Just a simple fiction writer making his way in the galaxy.

Young writer from Cross River telling stories like Biggie. Take the King's English paint pictures so vivid


Winner, 2007 Mary Roberts Rinehart Award,  "202 Checkmates"

Runner up, 2008 Indiana Review Fiction Prize, "David Sherman, the Last Son of God"

Finalist, June 2009 Glimmer Train Fiction Open, "David Sherman, the Last Son of God"

Finalist, 2009 Santa Fe Writers Project Fiction Contest Finalist (top 10), "David Sherman, the Last Son of God"

Completion Fellowship from George Mason University's MFA Program, Fellowship from Colgate Writing Conference. A couple Pushcart noms for my stories, "A Ramadan Tale" and "Juba," but everybody gets Pushcart noms. I just want you to read those stories. (see links for them on the side)